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Advice on PA Recruitment (for the hirer and the candidate).

If you require a Personal Assistant (PA) or an Executive Assistant (EA) for your business,  Lamb Personnel are perfectly positioned at PA Recruitment in South West London.

We are experts at digging deep when understanding requirements;  both from a skills standpoint as well as a personality standpoint. Working with a PA or EA can differ from company to company, and we put a lot of focus into ensuring the fit is right on both sides.

One part that can be often overlooked is the relationship between the PA and the Executive. This is vitally important that you take into account that patience and personality are often more important than typing speed and industry experience.

The Perfect Personal Assistant (PA) or Executive Assistant (EA)

It's often important that the PA / EA can network with colleagues and clients alike. Someone who understands the company culture and understands the wider picture inside and outside the organisation.

The PA / Executive relationship can be a sensitive situation, so it must be managed correctly.

There may be times when the PA / Executive will have to work late and spend a lot of time on the phone with the other party, so it's important from both sides that your partner approves and respects the working relationship, particularly when working overtime or where travel is involved. This can and does cause problems so it's best to discuss with your partner well in advance.

A good PA /EA will take initiative and think outside the box in order to make the executive's business life easier and stress-free.

Sometimes the out of the box attributes are not mentioned in the job description, here are some pointers and ideas to help you succeed in your new role.

Tips to get off to a good start

* Network with people inside the organisation and learn the culture of the business quite early, this will help you settle in and impress your new boss.
* Try to have patience with your new boss for they will have a set way of doing things and it will take a while to acclimatise.
* Relax and enjoy the job, enjoy your colleagues and try not to get upset with yourself if you make the odd mistake, it takes a while to learn new personalities, systems and processes.
* Keep tight control of the executive's diary, and try to anticipate their preferences and agenda as this will have a big impact in keeping them on track and stress-free.

Is there a difference between a PA & EA?

We get asked from time to time if there is a difference between a PA or an EA and the short answer is "yes".
PA's tend to support the management team in a business or organisation on a tactical level, freeing up the managers or directors time to focus on more strategic functions. Typical duties will include tasks such as; Organising Meetings, Diary Management, Organising Events and Travel, Document and Presentation preparation, Minute taking and reading as well as organising and responding to Emails.
The EA (Executive Assistant) is usually a more senior role with more responsibility, this role is usually a natural next career step on for the PA and supports board level positions, for example, the CEO, COO, CFO, Chairman, MD etc.
EA's will perform similar tasks as a PA, however, they will have more responsibility and decision-making ability. They will sometimes support the executive in making strategic decisions and will be aware of the corporate objectives for the business from a strategic and not just a tactical standpoint. The EA's role is very demanding and will sometimes involve project work.
Lamb Personnel Ltd are perfectly placed to help you fill both PA and EA vacancies in SW London. Send a message via our Contact form or call ouir friendly team on 020 8894 1723.

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