Our Process

How we work with our candidates.

In order for us to serve you as best as possible, we would request that you review the following process.  This should then set your expectations and ensure you are fully informed about how to maximise your chances of securing the perfect role,  be it a Permanent, Temporary or Contract position.

Step 1 – You Register with Us

  • Send us your cv for general consideration or click the 'Introduce Yourself' button at the foot of this page
  • You apply to a specific role our website and we come back to you asap
  • Call us on 020 3965 6699 to arrange a registration consultation

Step 2 - We will review your cv

Step 3 – Registration Meeting

  • We meet you in person at our office or we can conduct a registration via video conference
  • Understand your career aspirations
  • Identify potential clients you would like to work with
  • Discuss your cv
  • Discuss any other relevant information

Step 4 – Find you opportunities

  • Review relevant opportunities that may be suitable
  • Discuss any gaps you may have on your cv and advise accordingly
  • We gain your permission before we submit you to a role
  • We position you, your experience and your skills to our client for the role in question highlighting why we believe you are a good fit

Step 5 – Interviewing

  • You will be fully briefed and prepared before your interview
  • We will offer advice and recommendations specific to the role you are interviewing for

Step 6 – Feedback

  • It is important that we get your feedback asap, as sometimes this feedback can be very important when helping you secure the job with the client
  • We will provide the client's feedback, and whether you have been successful or not we offer advice on what to do next

Step 7 - Manage follow up Interviews

Step 8 – Negotiate offer

  • We will give you advice help you negotiate on an offer that is fair and reasonable

Step 9  - Support your Resignation

  • We will offer advice and support you on your resignation period and keep in touch with you until you start your new position

Step 10 -  Check in to see how you are getting on

  • After you start your new job, we will check in to see how you are throughout your first 12 weeks and will also provide you with feedback from the client 

* Important Note to all Candidates

  • If we organise & schedule an interview for you with one of our clients, and for some reason or another you decide that you can’t or don’t want to attend the interview - We kindly ask that you let us know with a quick email or phone call at your earliest convenience.  This way it won't cause too much inconvenience to our client – who will likely have gone to a lot of effort and diary juggling on their end.

Are you ready to get started?