Understanding Your Business

It is vitally important that we understand your business as well as the job brief.
This way we can present it in the best possible light to the best candidates on the market.

If we haven’t worked together before, it's important that we understand your organisation, so we can present it in its greatest possible light to the best candidates in the market. The best candidates in the market will definitely have other recruiters and companies trying to hire them.

Some useful information / questions we like to understand in order to help sell your company:

How would you describe your company culture and philosophy?

Are there any unique features pertinent to your industry that we need to understand?

How do you communicate with your customers?

How does your company function in its day to day operations?

What are the challenges that face your organisation /industry?

What are your company’s goals and ambitions?

Do you have a career development programme & planning in place?

*Note: These questions can serve as a guide for us to sell your organisation to a star applicant; the more information we have the better equipped we will be.

Obviously the details of the job description will also be used when positioning the perfect candidate to fill your open position.