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Do you feel like you need a new challenge, a role in a more innovative and exciting organisation, or indeed?

Are you feeling dissatisfied with your current job or just feel the need for a career change?  If so, you are one amongst many as it is not unusual for employees to have these feelings.

At Lamb Personnel, we do all that it takes to find you the ideal job, working alongside you to evaluate a good fit, no matter what type of new position you plan to move into. We do this by providing career development advice whilst at the same time looking at other essential things such as your CV.

Your Career Development Plan

Much depends on why you are feeling as you do.  Have you been in the job for just a little too long and need to experience something new and fresh?  It could be that you have been passed over for promotion one time too many and know that the only way you will get ahead is to move on.  Whatever your reason for change, maybe assistance with your career development plan would help.  After all, why take the risk of moving into something else that might not be right for you? You spend a lot of your life at work so isn’t it worth getting some good advice and making this change the right one?

Whether you want to stay within the same field or move into something entirely different, it helps if your skills and capabilities are examined by a third party that can take a step back and view your position independently. Do you need to take part in further training to facilitate your move?  Maybe you don’t even know what you want to do; you just know that it has to be something other than what you are doing at the moment.

We will guide you through every step of your career development, providing you with techniques and information to make your path an easier one.  After all, why put up with something you don’t enjoy when a little bit of effort in the right direction can move you into a role where you will experience both success and satisfaction?

A CV that showcases you

When it comes to your CV, we will also build on this, ensuring that it makes the right first impression.  Beginning by looking at your current CV, we will move away from the standard template that many people use and instead work to a format that will emphasise what is good about you, focussing on your strengths and the type of image that you wish to portray.  By us asking you questions such as, ‘What are your key selling points?’ and ‘Why should employers want to take you on board?’ or even, ‘Why ae you different?’ we can begin to put together a CV style and format that showcases you in the best possible way.

By taking the time to make good use of professional career development guidance and finely honing the content of your CV, you are well on the way to identifying the perfect new career path for you.

Get in touch with us now and let’s get the route towards your new career started.

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