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PA Recruitment London – Job Descripton Examples

PA Recruitment London - Read What's Involved

Lamb Personnel has an excellent track record when it comes to recruiting PAs in London. Apart from recruiting many PAs over the past 10 years; our Recruitment Manager Aimee Weston was a successful PA herself in a previous career, she is knowledgeable on the subject, whether you are looking to hire a PA, or you are a PA looking for a new role.

The job of the PA has evolved over the last decade. The more traditional skills that the PA has been widely recognised for are not as prominent today. PAs are expected to have a wider range of skill set, from social media and project management to marketing skills. 

PA Experience - Secretarial Administration Temp or Perm

The majority of PA roles will require at least 2 years of relevant experience, most PA's will have come from some type of Administrative role previous so they will have good experience working across secretarial and administrative activities, possibly starting in a more junior secretarial role.

Many PAs break into the profession by working in short term temp assignments, quickly building up a wide variety of experience across different organisations who will offer valuable on the job training, and then settle into a longer term PA role.

What are the salaries for PAs in London

Salaries of PA's can vary greatly taking into account a number of different factors.  Salaries can start at £18,000 up to £25,000 outside of London, In Central London, they can range anywhere from £23,000 to £30,000.

More Senior Level PA's starting salaries can range from £25,000 to £33,000 and again Central London will pay a premium ranging from £30,000 to £50,000 depending on industry and the business in question.

* Pitman Training - Range of PA Diplomas:

* Souters Training - Diplomas in Secretarial Studies:

* Global PA Association:

Some of the generic non-job specific attributes or experiences of a typical PA in London might include: 

* A friendly and professional demeanour.

* If working with a number of Executives, the ability to support a number of different personalities, so ability to juggle these and manage diaries. 

* Meticulous attention to detail and follow through.

* Ability to multi-task, use your own initiative, have excellent planning and organisation skills. 

* Ability to build internal relationships across the business at all levels.

* Complete discretion when handling matters of confidentiality.

* Strong influencing skills.

* Good Ms Office Skills and the ability to pick up new systems easily.

* Excellent communications skills both written and verbal.

* Experience of taking Meeting Minuets.

* Organise and book travel, this could be local, regional or international.

* Create and edit and format PowerPoint presentations.

* Depending on the level of the role there will usually be ad-hoc projects.

Senior PA Responsibilities and Duties

Apart from supporting the executive or director, some Senior PA's will have a wider workload and responsibilities, other duties may include project-specific tasks, working with budgets, forecasts and accounts, being involved in various decision-making processes. Deputising for the executive or the director and delegating work to others.

If you are looking for a PA to join your business, either part-time, temporary or permanent or full-time, contact Lamb Personnel. We will save you time and effort and make the entire process a lot easier. Call us now on: 020 8894 1723

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