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Conducting a great interview in 7 steps

20 interview dos and don’ts for hiring managers

5 Interview mistakes hiring managers should avoid

10 great interview questions to ask your candidate


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An organisation’s greatest asset is its people.

Finding the perfect candidate for an open position can have a greater effect on your company’s success than any other strategy, because these are the people that will eventually drive those other strategies. It’s perhaps surprising then how little time and energy many hiring managers put into that most important of steps in the hiring process, the interview.

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Interviewing is a seriously underrated skill.

Doing it well will see your organisation being driven forward by a reliable, hardworking and highly skilled team. Doing it badly will see your organisation constantly battling employee churn, training up new hires only to let them go or see them leave before they actually make a net contribution to your organisation.

Interview success

But how do you conduct the perfect interview?

The type that will highlight the best candidate for the job every time? To make the task that little bit easier, we’ve put together a collection of the most valuable interview insights – the things that every hiring manager needs to know. Download our guide and start conducting better interviews.

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